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Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Center / 1010 Vermont Ave. N.W. #501 Washington, DC. 20005 / 9075 Shady Grove Ct. Gaithersburg, MD 20877











Welcome to Our Clinics

          Since the ancient time, Traditional Chinese Medicine had been advising us the importance of Body & Spirit health from multidimensional healthcare insight view. How we achieve the best quality of life by preventing diseases, stop diseases from progressing, early treatments, cures and management of difficult diseases.  Our philosophy and dedication is to help and support each patient physically, emotionally and spiritually to achieve best quality of life. 

Why usExperiences and Care

          We are generations of acupuncturists who have been been serving our patients in Washington metropolitan regions since 1990's. The pratitioners combined have more than 70 years of clinic experiences to restore health, reduce pain and overcome intractable diseases. When each patient comes in, we evaluate, personalize treatment plan, and re-evaluate to achieve precision treatment and maximize  benefits.

          Our treatments complement and enhance the conventional medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes acupuncture which is a comprehensive evidenced-based healthcare system. It has been proven for its effective methods to treat diseases with no side effects and chemical dependency. 





D.C. office:   (240)-778-4568


M.D. office:   (301)-838-0524










DC Location:


1010 Vermont Ave.NW. #501

Washington, DC 20005

move to:

529 14th street. N.W. #988 Washington, DC. 20045


MD Location:

9075 Shady Grove Ct. 

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

DC Hours:

Mon           11 am - 4 pm
Tue             11 am - 6 pm
 Wed                      Closed
Thurs   11 am - 6:30 pm
 Fri                         Closed
:MD Hours
12pm - 6 pm        
Tues             9 am - 6 pm
Wed           12 pm - 6 pm
Thurs           9 am - 6 pm
Fri               12 pm- 5 pm
Sat               9 am - 5 pm
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Facial Rejuvenation
Skin Treatment
Weight Lost Treatment
Herbal Tea
Self Care Consultation                                                         Cupping Treatment
Online Medical Consultant
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