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law of Nature :

Ancient text stated that human must follow/obey the law of nature. 


What is law of Nature?


By definition, natural law, or the law of nature (Latin: lex naturalis; ius naturale), is a philosophy of law that is supposedly determined by nature, and so is universal. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the basic law of nature is: Spring season emergence, summer season grow, Fall season receipt and winter season store. 


Why is the law of Nature important to us?


We are a biological living being on a planet called earth. We are effected by the envirnoment we are living in. Examples that can effect us are cold, hot, damp, rain, snow, wind and etc. Human use our creativites and knowledge to protect ourselves from extreme conditions and to survive better. We use fire to keep us warm, use water to cool down body or thirst, use wood to build tool and houses, use metal to build tools and machines, use soil to plant for food and others. We are inseperate from nature.  


Why we must follow/obey the law of nature?


Plants die without water; animals die without food; we all need food, water, oxygen to live. When, what and how much is a part of surviving also. Traditional Chinese medicine not only teaches practitioners to heal the sick, but only teach us the way to observe the nature, learn the behavior of nature, live in harmony with nature and adust our body to nature.     


Why people have different eating habbit in different country?


View the world. Biological being try to eat food and drink that are suitable to our body and condition.  The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine from 240 B.C. stated the characteristics of each taste, sound and smell, as well as the effects to our body. It also described the geographic location with eating habbit.  If we are scheduled to eat certain amount of food and liquid, is the taste ans smell importmant to us at all?



More to come soon...

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