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4 Proper's and longevity:

Ancient text stated that human must follow/obey the law of nature. 


Proper dressing according to weather, Proper diet, Proper living style and proper exercises are key components in Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to achieve longevity and prevent diseases/disorders. 


Proper dressing according to weather (24 Solar Terms)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is important that our body harmonizes with outer environment and changes in nature such as rain, heat, cold, dampness, dryness and etc. When weather changes from hot to cold, we dress up more to keep our body warm. When the weather changes from cold to hot, we take off cloth to release heat. Each year is divided into 24 solar terms. Astronomical information of the 24 solar terms is based on astronomical data provided by the HM Nautical Almanac Office, United Kingdom and the United States Naval Observatory.


(Details of the 24 solar terms are available in the following link:


Proper food when you have certain diseases/disorders:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, coodination between food and diseases plays an important role. How and what to eat is the key. When you catch cold, have an acute gastritis, acute gastrienteritis, it is advised to eat easy digested food until fully recoverer. The body is under functioned when sick. Stomach function in case of acute gastritis, stomach and large intestine in case of acute gastrienteritis. You need to eat easy digested food until the function of organs recover; otherwise, it is extra bunden and prolong the recovery.



Role of herbs in term of medicine & food: A lot of chinese herbs are part of food that we eat. Few examples are ginger, garlic, dates, ginseng. All of these are herbs that can be used in our herbal formula. 



Proper Life style: see Self care & ancient study page


Proper Exercise: See Self care & Ancient exercises page




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